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Sunday, July 16, 2023

TextDiffChecker | How a code comparison tool can help you during PascaLIGO code refactor

Showcase of TextDiffChecker

Refactoring is an important process for improving the quality and performance of code. However, refactoring can also be risky, as it involves making changes to code that is already working. To ensure that the refactored code still performs the same way and doesn't introduce new issues, a code comparison tool can be used.

Before refactoring, the current code can be compared to the previous version of the code, identifying areas that need improvement. After refactoring, the new code can be compared to the old code, ensuring that the same functional requirements are met. Any discrepancies can be identified and addressed before deploying the refactored code.

A code comparison tool can also identify possible code duplications or design patterns that can be improved during the refactoring process. By comparing the code before and after the refactoring process, it is easy to spot areas that need further improvements, even those that may have been missed in previous code reviews or testing.

Compare code before and after refactor to ensure that the changes didn't introduce any bugs or issues

  1. Go to TextDiffChecker.
  2. If not already preselected, change Language in settings to pascaligo.
  3. Copy and paste both versions of the code to their corresponding editors.
  4. See the differences highlighted instantly and start navigating through them.
  5. Further tailor settings to your needs.

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